Cutting Edge Window Tinting


1220 E Greg St., Sparks, Nevada, 89431


When you want to find a superior window tinting service, keep these things in mind. Does the company tinting your windows look like a home garage? (I hope not!) Does the room your sitting in have a clean chair for you to relax in, five different beverages free of charge. Beautiful black leather clean couches for you to sit on while you wait, or a flat panel tv with your favorite show playing on Netflix... All of this included when you choose Cutting Edge Window Tinting to tint your vehicle. Although you might not think these things matter.... Think about this. If you feel uncomfortable or that you need to shower when you get home... How clean and professional did your tint job really turn out? Most people don't know that if the shop area where your car is being tinted in isn't clean, and free of dust, debris, and other contaminants your job wont be the best of the best! Debris will apply themselves to the film and it will be on your windows forever. At Cutting Edge Window Tinting we take this into account and pressure wash and clean out shop area almost every morning to ensure you get the best job possible! What other shop could look you in the eyes and tell you that...? If you value great service, a great price! and a quality truly unmatched! You have found the right place. Here at CUTTING EDGE WINDOW TINTING we have over 25 years experience! You can count on this!

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