#VirusUP - PPE 4 the UP

#VirusUP is a grassroots campaign for the non traditional procurement of PPE.

W410 G 30 Rd, Bark River, Michigan, 49807


I'm working on a local, state and national lever for the non traditional procurement of PPE for first responders and health care workers.

Im a retired firefighter /medic with an Immuno Deficiency disease. I started #VirusUP in March for the non traditional procurement of PPE here in the UP of Michigan. We don't have enough for what's coming. Locally, I'm contacting businesses and foundations to see what they can donate from their closet. In return I will promote them on the #VirusUP page. I will give them a logo for their website that will read, "I Helped Save Lives - #VirusUP
I have no immune response. I live the life of a Bubble Boy every day. If I can share my extra masks and gloves with local first responders when I need it more than anyone, so can you.

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Events and Information

UP wide PPE drive, May 1st
All businesses. All residents.

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Other Local Companies

Copper Country Ford
Cross Country Sports
The Pasta Shop
A1 General Contracting and Interior Finishes