We Fix It All!

760 Campbell Lane Suite 101, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42104


The bulk of our work is cell phone repair, but that’s not because it’s the only thing we do. It’s just because everyone has a phone, and everyone is capable of breaking a device, and thus, dead iPhones are scattered across the earth. We’ll happily restore your MacBook if it’s blinking like a lightbulb from a horror movie, or take a look at your gaming console if the only game you can play with it is “Stare at a Black Screen.” Regardless, we begin every repair with our tried and tested free diagnostic. We’re not like one of those sketchy automotive repair places that charge an arbitrary amount of money for mysterious services. We don’t believe in taking anyone’s hard-earned money until we know what’s wrong with their gadget, how we’ll fix it, and how long it will take, whether it’s a screen replacement or an everything replacement. For the record; it probably won’t take long at all.

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FRI 10:00am - 07:00pm
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