Rocky Neck Designs

Organic Mixed Media Jewelry in Silver and Gold

scarborough, Maine, 04074


I create most of my jewelry using Precious Metal Clay (PMC). PMC begins in a clay-like form containing ultra-fine silver , water, and organic binder. The PMC is textured, shaped, refined and finally fired in a kiln. As the piece is fired in the kiln the organic binder burns out, the water evaporates, and the fine silver particles are sintered together resulting in pure silver (.999) metal; sterling has other alloys such as copper, and is therefore marked .925.

PMC has limitless possibilities. In the wet stage it resembles clay that can be sculpted, molded, textured and formed. In the dry stage it mimics wood that can be carved, pierced/sawed, and joined to create intricate forms. Once fired, it is a solid piece of metal that can be soldered, hammered, and roll printed.

Metal Clay Etching: I use a multi-step process when creating textures for my designs. Using a cycle of friction and heat black and white line drawings are burnished onto Polymer Clay. The Polymer Clay sticks to the ink on the paper and the paper is cured in an oven resulting in a low relief design.

Carving: In the leather-hard stage I hand carve designs directly into the metal clay.
Finishing and Inlay: After the piece is textured, refined and fired I use a variety of finishing methods including hand polishing, acid/heat patina, polymer clay inlay and Keum-boo. Keum-boo is the process of using friction and heat to adhere 24 Kt gold to pure silver.

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