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Client First, Always.

This has been the foundation of the low+tritt mission since the inception of low+tritt in 1995.

We must note: "Client First, Always" doesn't mean "Client (is) Right, Always".

At low+tritt, we'll beat our heads against a brick wall until we're bloody— if we can prove it's right for the client. It may seem unreasonable to the untrained eye, but if it's what's right for the client— then that's what we'll do.

To determine what’s right for the client, we are constantly researching, observing and trend-tracking. Our understanding of consumer expectations and perceptions creates the backdrop needed to create the “relevant breakthrough” needed to reach the consumer in a meaningful way - in whatever form it takes.

We don't showcase awards. As a matter of fact, we don't enter award competitions. Our clients' successes are our victories. More importantly, confidentiality and respect for privacy are extremely important. We will never divulge the strategies we develop for our clients in case studies.

Breaking down the paradigm of the client’s perception of “how it’s always been done” is what putting the Client First, Always is all about. We’re not interested in a treasure chest of outdated methods of marketing. If how you “used to do it” was still successful, there would be no place for low+tritt.

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