Houston Grease Trap Services

Houston Grease Trap Services is a specialized commercial cleaning service.

2313 Tuam St #2, Houston, Texas, 77004


One of the commercial cleaning services that offer specialized jobs is Houston Grease Trap Services. What are we experts in? We provide cleaning and pumping services for grease interceptors and grease traps. Although we’re located in Houston, Texas, we serve not only Houston but also the greater Houston metro area. One of our primary concerns is making things as convenient as possible for our customers. Therefore, we come to your location only at a time and day that fits your schedule. The last thing we want to do is interrupt your business operations. The importance of not only affordable but also reliable pumping and grease trap cleaning services in Houston we understand, and that’s why we’re proud of our reputation. To our quarterly customers, we offer free estimates and discounts. Our trucks can handle a wide variety from small grease traps located in a parking garage to 1000+ gallon grease interceptors used in heavy industrial situations.

MON 04:00am - 06:00pm
TUE 04:00am - 06:00pm
WED 04:00am - 06:00pm
THU 04:00am - 06:00pm
FRI 04:00am - 06:00pm
SAT 04:00am - 05:00pm
SUN 04:00am - 05:00pm

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