Derrick Hayes the "enTIEtainer"

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During workshops and seminars Derrick Hayes started and teach others how to tie regular ties and also how to turn them into bow ties and the impact and feedback from men, women and children was incredible.

Now Derrick Hayes has branded himself as the “enTIEtainer” and he uses neck ties in his performances and speaking engagement to teach life skills and empower others to greatness.

The “enTIEtainer” is available to perform and uplift audiences at schools, colleges, corporations, meetings, events, concerts, festivals, clubs, casinos, churches, carnivals and other venues where people need a positive vibe.

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When COVID19 made an impact on communities and schools Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” saw a need to give back to help students, educators, parents and others stay focused in learning by starting a live show entitled Life Skill Life School with the slogan “Where we TIE a Life Skill into your Life School.” A life skill is what we do and a life school is what we become. The goal is to teach others to have the confidence one day to teach others.

Life Skill Life School is every Tuesday and Thursday at 12 Noon EST. on the Facebook Live format and here is the link Here are links to the first two episodes of Life Skill Life School with Derrick Hayes the “enTIEtainer” 1. Coronavirus and The CURB - and 2. Stimulus or STEM You More -

Special Offer
Ask For One Get One Free

As a neck tie designer that makes his own ties there is plenty of fabric to go around so I'm here to give back to others during our COVID19 shutdown and Community Comeback. I would like to give a FREE bow tie or pocket square to anyone that asks for one. The bow ties are self tie and customized for the size of your neck and the pocket squares are 10 x 10.

As long as supplies last.

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