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SuperSlow Zone - Your Premier Personal Wellness and Exercise Studio

17785 Mason Street Ste 102, Omaha, Nebraska, 68118


SuperSlow Zone is personal strength training. We offer a 20 minute full body workout done once or twice a week. This is the ultimate exercise protocol producing maximum health and fitness results in minimum time. It is by appointment only - Not a gym! and One on One instruction, always with an accredited certified SuperSlow Zone Instructor. Your health and safety is our Top Priority and social distancing is required in our semi-private, sanitized and environmentally controlled studio. One of the very best ways to boost your immune system is Exercise. Strength Training also improves muscle mass and tone and boosts metabolism, increases bone strength and burns calories 50% faster than any other type of exercise including aerobic exercise. This protocol is considered High Intensity but Low Impact to our joints and connective tissues so you are safe from injury as you work the weights very slowly under the guidance of your instructor for every workout. We offer a complimentary initial consultation and sample workout to allow you to visit our studio, discuss your exercise history and goals for the program and actually do a sample workout.

MON 06:00am - 06:30pm
TUE 06:00am - 06:30pm
WED 06:00am - 06:30pm
THU 06:00am - 06:30pm
FRI 06:00am - 06:30pm
SAT 07:00am - 12:30pm
Special Offer
We offer your first month free if you sign up for three months.

Offer valid for first time clients only

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