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Visit for a variety of Shelf Stable, Freeze-Dried Foods, Ingredients Snacks and Meals! Stock up on Freeze Dried Fruits, Veggies, Meats, Eggs, Cheese, Snacks and Meals

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Shop for a variety of SHELF STABLE - FREEZE DRIED Food; Ingredients, Snacks & Meals! Stock up on FREEZE DRIED Fruits, Veggies, Treats, Meats, Cheese, Eggs, and Meals! No fridge or freezer needed. No Prep, Less Waste. Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store. Long Shelf Life! Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts, Cooks and people with little fridge or freezer space!
Benefits of Freeze Dried Foods
Shelf Stable - Shelf Life up to 25 years
Healthier - Locks in up to 97% of Foods Nutrition
Easier - Bye Bye Prep Time
Lighter - Great for Hiking, Hunting and Camping
Freeze Dry - Meat, Dairy, Eggs, Fruits, Vegetables, Treats, Meals and More

Save - Time, Money and Space - Less Waste
Tastier - Locks in Flavor and Freshness
Available - Quick, Unique and Healthy Snacks, Ingredients and Meals
Bye Bye Fridge and Freezer
Limit Trips to the Grocery Store
Emergency Food Storage

* Freeze-Dried Food retains original characteristics of the product including: Color –Form – Size – Taste – Texture - Nutrients
* Most Foods Reconstitute to original state when placed in water
* Shelf Stable at room temperature – cold storage not required
* The weight of the freeze-dried products is reduced by 70-90 percent, with no change in volume. The product is light weight and easy to handle.
* Offers highest quality in a dry product compared with other drying methods
* Virtually any type of food or ingredient, whether solid or liquid, can be freeze-dried

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Enter Code: SHOPLOCAL for a 10% discount on all Freeze Dried Foods. Free local delivery on orders over $49within a 20 mile radius of Marion, IA. Free Shipping over $100.

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