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Family Dentistry

2310 E. SAUNDERS ST. SUITE #3, Laredo, Texas


Tired of going to the dentist and having a different doctor every time? At Reyes Family Dental, we think it's extremely important that the dentist knows your dental conditions, how to manage your care, and knows your progress as you transition to the perfect smile you've always wanted. The only way that's possible is if the same dentist (Dr. Reyes) sees you every time. Patient safety, patient care, and trust are the things we value most. Parents are always allowed in the treatment rooms with their children should they choose to be. We strive to make every patient as comfortable as possible, and we have a network of dental professionals with different specialties to always ensure you or your child is in the best hands possible. Ask us about our Orthodontics, Pediatrics, Endodontics, Periodontics, and Oral Surgery partners!

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