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We are a comprehensive financial services firm focused on tax planning, estate planing, retirement planning, and proactive wealth management.
Our Mission… To help retirees build, protect, and preserve their assets. The ultimate goal is to help our clientele sleep better at night by striving to eliminate or reduce the worry associated with investment risk, market and economic uncertainty, and the possibility of outliving one’s retirement nest egg.
Our Passion…To have all of our clients experience true financial piece of mind and security throughout their retirement years.
Our Strategy…To make use of all relevant products, services, and asset allocation techniques, including all legal tax reducing methods and risk reduction strategies, to increase net cash flows while striving to build a secure and lasting financial foundation.
Our Process…Identify client's needs and goals. Assist in plan design and strategy selection. Take action to implement all necessary products, services, and other components of plan. Regularly monitor the plan and revise as needed

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KEEP CALM...AND RETIRE ON! free webinar

What do you dream of doing in retirement? Traveling the world? Staying active in your local community? Spending countless hours spoiling your grand kids? Whatever it is, you want to have enough money to live your ideal life in retirement.

But figuring out how much money you need can be complicated. How long will you live? How many sources of retirement income will you have? How much money will you need each month? These are all questions you must answer.

In this webinar, we dive deep into which financial strategies you should use to get your financial house in order today. We cover tips on how to maximize Social Security, plan for unexpected healthcare costs—and everything in between.

Take the first step toward a secure financial future.

Join us for an exclusive webinar on how we help our clients plan for an Ideal Retirement Life.

We will review the most common pitfalls that are found in retirement, and how to create a fully comprehensive plan that protects your wealth and offers peace of mind. This webinar outlines:

Wealth Protection
Income Planning
Tax Planning
Health and Long Term Care
Legacy and Estate Planning

Special Offer

Watch an on demand webinar hosted by Jeff P Vogan, RFC, CEP, President of Premiere Retirement and Wealth Management.
Learn to ask better questions, to get better answers, so you can live a BETTER RETIREMENT!

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