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Do you have a disability or do you just want to keep up with the times? How about turning your house into a Smart Home?
Thanks to integrated systems, such as Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, you can expand your smart home capabilities a little at a time, starting with what you need most.
With your voice, you can control such things as appliances, home security systems, thermostats, TV's, entertainment systems, lighting and outlets. All you need is a home net-work (Wifi), a cell phone and a voice controlled system. 
This technology empowers users by providing accessibility in a new way that is a game- changer, improving one’s quality of life and making challenging tasks possible.
Take the first step to enjoying your new Smart Home by calling Craig at  (304) 679-7919 for a FREE Quote!  I'm here to help! 

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We have all been there - juggling five things at once, or just in the middle of something else when the doorbell rings. Sure, you can stop what you’re doing, put things down, and free yourself up to get to the various controls.   
But, wouldn’t it be easier, faster, and more convenient to tell your home to handle the task and have it carry out your voice commands completely hands free? 
Thanks to various voice controlled devices , such as interactive voice assistants and smart speakers from Apple, Amazon and Google, you can program your lights, appliances, entertainment systems and more!

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Get Started and we’ll contact you and schedule a free on-site consultation. Schedule the installation to best suite your schedule. We will install and test everything. Your Newcybertech Designer will set up automations and make sure you are comfortable with the system. Take the first step to enjoying your new Smart Home by calling or texting Craig at (304) 679-7919 for a FREE Quote! I'm here to help!  

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