Miss Birdsong's Sweet Tooth

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1620 Madison Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, 38104


Miss Birdsong's Sweet Tooth™ was created as a partnership between Tabitha Birdsong and Pamela Collins, two college friends who both share a love for sweets. So one day we decided to settle our sweet tooth cravings by making candy apples, but not just any ordinary candy apples. We created an insane assortment of our "Original" flavored candy coated and caramel apples in 32 incredible flavors. Recently, we added our newest products, the deluxe candy apple kit, candy apple lollipops, and candy apple candy, which are in high demand by our customers.

We began our proof of concept in 2010 by letting our friends and family taste and test our delicious creations. Next, we went into our neighborhood setting up with a tent and banner in toe at gas stations in our community. We eventually worked our way into 11 mom and pop stores in our area, as well as, farmers markets, and festivals. All of our hard work and efforts solidified us as a legitimate company in 2015.

Today, we ship our toothsome apples across the United States, we are vendors at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, and we are vendors at numerous festivals and pop-up shops in our fair city. We are also vendors for the national big box chains Sam's Club and Walmart. We also handcraft our mouthwatering products for occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, family reunions and many more. Everything is crafted by heart and hand.

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