Marlowe's Restaurant

World famous Marlowes has been family owned and operated since 1974.

4381 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, Tennessee, 38116


Marlowe's Ribs and Restaurant has been located on Elvis Presley Blvd for 46 years. We are well known for our BBQ and famous for our southern hospitality. We serve a variety of foods from southern fried green tomatoes to bar fare like fried Gouda and buffalo wings. While peop;e come from around the world for our Elvis inspired dishes, locals love our larger than life salads.

MON 03:30pm - 09:30pm
TUE 03:30pm - 09:30pm
WED 03:30pm - 09:30pm
THU 03:30pm - 09:30pm
FRI 03:30pm - 09:30pm
SAT 03:30pm - 09:30pm
SUN 03:30pm - 09:30pm

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