Lynnie's Links & Drinks

Authentic European Sausage

Memphis, Tennessee, 38134


Lynnie's Links & Drinks, founded in 2016 in Memphis, TN, is an innovative new food truck operating in the downtown Memphis core. Lynnie's has embraced the growing popularity of food truck style vending and has developed a variety of unique products that offer an alternative to the current fast food options. Lynnie's has developed an array of freshly prepared, high quality, savory sausages for a new taste experience.

Our sausages are made from different ingredients to satisfy even the most discriminating food critic. We specialize in plate lunches from different countries and regions of the world, and offer customers fresh food made within minutes. Our team of dedicated workers are self-reliant, and not afraid to take responsibility for your satisfaction.

We at Lynnie's Links & Drinks value a quality tasting experience. We understand the difficulty of finding exceptional tasty food during a restricted period of time and would like to give everyone the chance to experience the taste of our handmade sausages. We further understand that watching the process of creating the meal creates an entertaining learning experience that fosters trust between Lynnie's Links and the consumer, knowing that only the freshest ingredients are used, that sanitary methods are employed to make the sausage, and meals are served with a smile.

With a variety of old world sausages prepared for new world minds, Lynnie's Links & Drinks is committed to linking old world taste to you!

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