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Why GreenBuilders? Healthier Living. Reduced Footprint. Increased Value.

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Why GreenBuilders?
Healthier Living. Reduced Footprint. Increased Value.

The moment you enter a Legacy GreenBuilders home you can hear and smell the difference.

The soft quiet that surrounds you is a wonderful side benefit of our advanced construction practices that reduce external noise and wind penetration. Strolling through your new home you won’t sense any harsh chemicals or off-gassing either. Best of all, your green home will still have all of the comfort and amenities you have dreamed of.

No longer does building green require trade-offs in cost, looks or convenience.

At Legacy GreenBuilders, we are committed to developing properties in a manner that improves the short and long-term impact on the environment, while exceeding each client’s expectation for cost, quality, energy use, health and comfort. It’s why we’ve become known as one of the best green home builders in Iowa.

Our advanced green construction science means you can:

Select more green options within your budget than you ever thought were possible;
Sustain the long-term value of your investment by exceeding current standards;
Enjoy the option to age in place or accommodate a changing family;
Raise your family in a safe and healthy environment.
Contact us for a quote today. Be sure to ask how we can work from pre-existing designs you may have.

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