Lamp House Coffee

Breakfast, Lunch, and Gourmet Coffee

1 Main Street USPS 368, Lynch, Kentucky, 40855


Lamp House Coffee is a mountain oasis - a city on a hill (Matt. 5:14) - where our guests can experience world-class lattes, frappes, smoothies, and our specially roasted and freshly ground Coal Miners Blend coffee - named in honor of the area's rich coal mining history.

Lamp House Coffee offers a variety of delicious baked goods including muffins, bagels, and pastries; snack foods; cooked-to-order breakfast; and fresh sandwiches served on your choice of breads a la carte; or with chips or home-made soup and a cookie.

Lamp House Coffee is an outreach of Meridzo Center Ministries located in the once-booming coal mining community of Lynch, Kentucky - part of the tri-cities area including Lynch, Benham, and Cumberland.

A Christian ministry, our staff is here to serve (literally) the people living in and passing through our community.

We are happy to be able to provide part-time jobs, to pray with those who come in, or simply to offer a great coffee experience with a smile.

TUE 10:00am - 02:00pm
WED 10:00am - 02:00pm
THU 10:00am - 02:00pm
FRI 10:00am - 02:00pm
SAT 10:00am - 02:00pm

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