International Student Exchange, Eastern Iowa Corridor

Creating International Friendships Since 1982

Ely, Iowa, 52227


International Student Exchange (ISE) is the leading not-for-profit high school exchange sponsor and has been finding host homes for international exchange students in the United States for over 30 years. We are designated by the United States Department of State and place approximately 2,800 students yearly from over 40 countries in all 50 states. We are a proud organization that puts the students, schools and families above all. Our hosts do not fit any "typical" description, but instead reflect the many diversities of America's households.

Know a teen who's curious about the world? ISE also offers study abroad programs and scholarships for American teens. From short-term summer to full academic school year options, there's a study abroad program for nearly every curiosity level. Students are NOT required to speak a secondary language to qualify.

As your local ISE Area Representative, Debbie Splean will be your main contact for all matters related to the exchange program. If you decide to host a student in your home, Debbie will be there to help guide you and actively give support throughout the year. She has experience and training through ISE, so she
will be able to assist with many common situations. From finding students that match your family's interests to making arrangements with your local high school, Debbie is there to to facilitate cultural exchange.

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