Igotsober Recovery Center

Outpatient alcohol and opiate recovery center combining leading-edge medical technology with the best of conventional treatment, giving you a real-life recovery opportunity.

4905 Dodge St., Omaha, Nebraska, 68132


Igotsober Recovery Center offers a dynamic 100% confidential outpatient recovery program. The foundation of our program features FDA-approved, non-narcotic, non-addictive Naltrexone (administered via pellet implant) - which not only staves off those constant alcohol and drug cravings and urges, but crushes their pleasure effects as well. Now, with clarity of mind, comes the real work: the heart and soul of our program is your one-on-one work with our expert team of recovery coaches, therapists, counselors, peer support specialists and doctors. In recovery ourselves, we're there for you 24/7, and we'll help you uncover, discover and successfully work through the root causes of your addiction and your triggers. We'll help you help yourself with life skills, coping tools and lifestyle changes to get firmly established in a life of sobriety for lasting recovery. We offer medical detox, and custom tailor your three, six or 12 month recovery program. I Got Sober - So Can You.

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