My slogan-wavy, crooked or straight. I AM ME sends the message that you decided to describe yourself before anyone else can.

1021 HEARTSIDE RUN, tallahassee, Florida, 32317


what makes my brand unique is that I AM ME® aims to promote self-awareness. Gathering all the negative things said about someone and narrowed down the list. The perfect slogan was created, "wavy, crooked or straight. I AM ME®. I aim to reshuffle their assumption of someone before knowing them. I created a brand that "speaks without speaking." I AM ME®Tz is an affordable apparel line that will offer tshirts, hoodies, hats and bags on our online store. I AM ME® is a registered trademark logo that describes yourself before anyone else can. Become apart of the experience.

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I AM ME®Tz does not discriminate against any race, creed, nationality or sexuality. We have to be ourselves. You be you and I AM ME.

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