HotHeads Crawfish

True, Quality, Louisiana Boiled Crawfish.

910 VERSAILLES BOULEVARD, Alexandria, Louisiana


At HotHeads, we love great crawfish, and we know you do too. We’ve spent years traveling our great state and eating at all of the best ranked crawfish restaurants. Hours talking to and learning from the best in the business, and finally putting all of the best recipes, tactics, and tricks together, to bring Alexandria what it’s been missing for years…True, Quality, Louisiana Boiled Crawfish.

Truth be told, we just got tired of driving two hours to eat good crawfish. So, because we love great crawfish as much as you do, we decided to finally bring them to you.

You'll find our crawfish, large, clean, full of flavor, and easy to peel. Why? Because every step of the way, we make sure nothing but the best goes into our pots.

Our crawfish are farmed raised, hand graded, and always washed. Everything from our crawfish and seafood to all of our awesome sides are boiled in our very own custom seasoning blend. Paired with our homemade dippin' sauces, we promise you'll have the best HotHeads experience possible

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