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New Orleans, Louisiana


Greater Image is an educational charity, which exists for:
1. The instruction or training of individuals for the purpose of improving or
developing their capabilities, and
2. The instruction of the public on subjects useful to individuals and beneficial to
the community.
Greater Image is a non-profit professional services agency offering training and development,
business and professional development, imaging, and other consulting services. Our goal is to help
our clients be successful personally and professionally, supporting them through our consulting services.
Our job is to help them to focus, set goals, plan, execute, and manage projects efficiently.
Whether someone wants to start a new business, optimize an existing business, or
grow their business with more success, Greater Image consultants provide insights and
help clients achieve desired business goals. Greater Image business consultants help
clients as mentors, business coaches, providing business education, business training, and
support. From sports athletes to business leaders and politicians, successful people
know that having someone they trust, who provides quality advice is necessary to
achieve peak business performance.
Population Served
Greater Image mainly serves individuals, small businesses, and other non-profit
organizations in the Greater New Orleans area. We offer online / virtual support as well.

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