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Hi, I'm Barbara, the owner of Front Range Candles, located in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. After over 25 years of buying candles, I've decided to launch my own small candle business.
The product line will start small with candles and wax melts, with the intention of adding more product lines over time. Currently we offer 4 different styles of candles, Hurricane, Tumbler, LUXA and Copper Mercury. We are also offering the largest Wax Melts on the market, at 6 oz total weight, and more than double the fragrance!
All candles and wax melts are hand-poured by me personally. That means I know what is in each and every candle. It also means that no two candles will be alike. I will be introducing some limited edition candles, as I love to use different glassware for special candles. Most of these vessels will be sourced from Antique Markets around the area so they will be in limited quantities. Our premium wax and fragrance oils are sourced from all over the United States. We offer 100% soy wax in our melts and a blend of soy and paraffin in our container candles.
We would love to hear feedback on our candles/melts so please feel free to use our contact form.
Thank You for shopping at Front Range Candles.

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