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Dan's Pawn - More Money to lend, More Choices when you spend!

1315 Beck Avenue, Panama City, Florida, 32401


At Dan's Pawn, we provide the consumer with a source for small denomination, fully collateralized loans on almost anything of value, and a place for purchasing low cost, pre-owned merchandise in a clean, friendly, customer service oriented environment that is a fun and rewarding place to work for employees, while producing growth and profitability for the shareholders.

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FRI 09:00am - 06:00pm
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We are classified as a necessary business because we loan money to the hardest hit in our community. Under normal conditions, we provide pawn loans to thousands of people on a regular basis. These loans are usually small (averaging $105), but crucial to folks who are unbanked (dont have a checking account or a credit card). But due to the Corona Virus pandemic, we have seen increased loan demand. In essence, we are the bridge loan for many in our community who are waiting for government assistance monies to start flowing. We are adhering to all CDC and FLORIDA mandates, with regards to social distancing, reduced hours, reduced number of people in the store, PPE availability, disinfection, etc. We are here to help those in need and are doing it as safely as we can. God Bless Bay County and our great country during this crisis. We will get through it, working together, with a little love and kindness.

Special Offer
Free DVD movies to every PAWN LOAN customer

We are giving away 5 free DVD movies to every loan customer, to help them with "isolating" during this stressful time. We also have our Blu-Ray movies 75% off, all of our Game Titles are 60% off. We really want to just blow out these small items, that customers normally browse. We are not wanting that many SALES customers in the store, but mainly wanting to focus on our PAWN LOAN customers.

While supplies last, 5 titles pre-selected, this doesnt include blu-rays, one free bundle per family, non-returnable

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