Cuddle Coop Farm & Pig Rescue

Produce, Eggs, Canned Goods and Pigs

529 Letha Petrey Rd, Wiiiliamsburg, Kentucky, 40769


We are a small Non Profit farm that rescues Pot Belly Pigs, giving them a loving forever home. We raise produce for our family and to offset feed for the pigs. We also offer farm fresh eggs at $3.00 Doz. and canned items at various prices. Any small profit goes to the care of our rescued animals. We are currently housing 7 pigs, 2 goats and 5 dogs. Two of the pigs were abandon and brought here since New Year's Eve. We are currently at capacity, until some funds are raised to enlarge the pasture and build huts. The 2 recent females also need to be spayed.

Events and Information

My wife Cathy is currently making masks, for the Health Departments and anyone else in need, during thje COVID19 event. While we offer these at no cost, a donation towards feed, supplies and Vet bills, is gratefully accepted. We also accept donations of pig feed, goat feed, dog food, hay, straw and building supplies at any time. We support ourselves and these abused and unloved animals, entirely on our Social Security and any donations, we might recieve. It is not easy, but we owe these abandoned and mistreated animals a chance at life and love.

Special Offer

We are always thankful for any donations. The 2 newest pigs are young females and need spaying at a cost of $300.00 each. Our current costs for food and supplies are around $500.00 a month. With only our Social Security, this is difficult, but we are determined to provide for these animals and others, that may come along, in the future.

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