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New Orleans, Louisiana


As an event planner, you have many people to impress. Each event needs to feel unique, custom, and fun for all involved. This can be tricky considering the various tastes and expectations of your guests, so you end up choosing the most basic of options. Are you tired of boring buffets and dry carving stations? Are bland sandwiches and sad salads really the best option for your attendees? What if there was a saucier option, something unique and interactive to leave your guests satisfied and smiling? You need more than just a caterer. You need a creative culinary goddess to guide you through creating a menu that will please the entire crowd. And why not start with breakfast, at any time of day?!?!

Look no further, Crazy Waffle Bar has got you syrup! We believe in four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Why not add waffles to one or all of them? Our menu of delectable sweet and savory waffles will please every guest by keeping it fresh off the iron. Every Crazy Waffle is created specially for and by your guests, giving them exactly what they want. Stick to the classic butter and maple, or try our Jazzy Waffle Sliders, a crowd favorite made with hot sausage and best enjoyed whenever! We provide edible entertainment, which means incredible food and memorable moments for your mouth and your soul!

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Events and Information

Crazy Waffle Bar is perfect for all events including late night wedding munchies, birthday party brunches, and putting fun in corporate functions. Our catered events are more than just amazing waffles, we provide endless flavor possibilities and a hands-on, breakfast-all-the-time experience. Our Waffle Squad makes each item from scratch, from the home-cooked bacon to our chocolate, cinnamon, and red velvet flavored waffles. Who says you can’t play with your food? Every Waffle Bar comes with a full suite of toppings and extras, like whipped cream, fruity pebbles, and our family favorite, Sister Sauce! Crazy Waffle Bar is spicing up the all-day breakfast, one waffle at a time.

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