Community Chiropractic

Since 1988, we’ve always made optimal health and wellness the primary focus of our chiropractic care center.

12590 Perkins Rd, baton rouge, Louisiana, 70810

(225) 767-3151

Community Chiropractic is passionate about providing Baton Rouge and surrounding communities with drug-free options for the elimination of pain and the development of true wellness.

Our goal is to help family members of every age enjoy a better quality of life. We accomplish this through dedicated chiropractic service that includes hands-on treatment and instrument adjusting—care that brings consistently positive results for those we serve.

MON 08:00am - 05:30pm
TUE 08:00am - 05:30pm
WED 08:00am - 05:30pm
THU 08:00am - 05:30pm
FRI 08:00am - 12:30pm

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