City Diner

Nothin’ could be finer than dinin’ at City Diner!

3400 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33405


This is a nostalgic time travel back to the 1920’s-1950’s! Not only do you and your children have a blast with all the amazing decor but the food you receive there is even better! It’s almost surreal. Something you’d definitely would talk about after visiting!

MON 10:00am - 09:00pm
TUE 10:00am - 09:00pm
WED 10:00am - 09:00pm
THU 10:00am - 09:00pm
FRI 10:00am - 09:00pm
SAT 09:00am - 09:00pm
SUN 09:00am - 03:00pm

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