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Earn money today by donating plasma!!

410 Old Morgantown Rd, Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101


At BPL Plasma, the people who walk into our centers are much more than donors — they are lifelines. Their donation, quite literally, transforms the lives of patients around the planet.

Donating plasma makes it possible for:
An expectant mother to carry her child safely to term.
A little boy with hemophilia to experience a healthy, happy childhood.
A wounded warrior or burn victim to begin the healing process.

Donating Is Safe and Easy

Plasma, which is the liquid component of blood, represents about half of total blood volume. Plasma itself is around 90% water; the other 10% includes proteins, minerals, waste products, clotting factors, hormones, and immunoglobins.

Donating plasma is a lot like giving blood, but unlike whole blood donation, plasma donations can be done twice a week. During the donation process, plasma is separated from blood cells which are returned to the body.

BPL team members are trained and certified to ensure that the donation process goes smoothly and that all plasma is collected in accordance with rigorous regulatory standards.

Our donors can be certain that each life-saving donation made is done in a safe manner using a highly regulated process.

MON 07:00am - 07:00pm
TUE 07:00am - 07:00pm
WED 07:00am - 07:00pm
THU 07:00am - 07:00pm
FRI 07:00am - 07:00pm
SAT 07:00am - 04:00pm
SUN 07:00am - 04:00pm
Special Offer

New donors earn $50 on each of their first 5 donations!

Bring a Buddy and earn an extra $15 after their second donation!

Make sure to bring:
A Valid state issue ID
Social Security card
Proof of Address

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