Advanced Virus Busters

Advanced High Output Ozone Shock & Bio3vhp Dry Fog Nanotechnology

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Ensure employees and clients that every possible measure has been taken, by you to ensure their safety in this time of the Corona-virus Pandemic uncertainty.
We will absorb some of the cost to help everyone stay safe.
We are offering to absorb a large portion of the cost with a signed commitment for a one year. Ozone Shock and/or Bio3vhp Fog (tm).
This is a New effective Dry Fog Nanotechnology. It Eliminates Surface to Surface "ALL TOUCH POINTS" On a Three (3) Dimensional Interface. Effective against Covid-19, as well as E coli, MRSA, Salmonella Legionaries and Mold spore growth, also removes odors and other voc's.
We use a proven method to help slow the spread of Corona-virus and other bacteria's and viruses.
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In Miami and Broward Counties 954-419-6262

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We will absorb 50% of Cost, and Labor with a Signed service agreement of one year, or more.
With a continuous monthly treatments, ( BIO3VHP Dry Fog Lasts up to 40 days), our service will continue to eliminate and lessen the threat of Covid-19, for you, your family, loved ones, and all businesses. In the event of another Government or State, County Shutdown we will prorate the Service agreement.

Areas Exceeding 10,000 Sq.Ft. will receive an additional 10% off. We will allow this to be combined with any other offer. Its Our Goal To Help Be a Solution to this Pandemic! Continuing to disinfect with conventional standards are not helping to slow the spread of this or any other viruses. New Bio3VHP Dry Fog Three Dimensional Nanotechnologies will Help Slow the Spread of this Virus and More. Call for a Free Estimate Today

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