WIN Technology

Transforming Business With Technology

4955 Bullis Farm Road, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701


WIN Technology is about connecting people to information and other people - and helping businesses with their IT infrastructure. We make these connections through our fiber optic network which extends 10,000 miles across the Midwest. Millions of individuals use our fiber network every day. Over the fiber optic network, we deliver critical bandwidth solutions to the cell phone industry, to large businesses and we carry a lot of Internet across our network into rural areas across Wisconsin and the Midwest. Our Perigon service is a webinar based platform that has little to no limitations or restrictions on the number of people you can add to it, and it allows for multiple presenters at the same time. Its great strength are scenarios where a few people need to communicate with many. Overall, WIN is an enabler of communications from one location to another across the Midwest through its fiber network.

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