Phoenix Grease Trap Services

Phoenix Grease Trap Services in Phoenix, Arizona, provides affordable and reliable pumping & grease trap cleaning services in and around the region

2317 N Mitchell St, Phoenix, Arizona, 85006


At Phoenix Grease Trap Services, we pride ourselves on offering Phoenix businesses budget-friendly cleaning and pumping services for their grease traps. We have a range of pump trucks available, allowing us to take on projects of all sizes. From parking garage grease traps all the way up to high-capacity grease interceptors, we can handle it all.Grease interceptors and grease traps require regular cleaning and pumping. Our team of friendly, qualified professionals can not only handle these tasks but they also can perform service calls when necessary. During a visit, we use powerful pumps and pressure washers to thoroughly clean your system, keeping detailed records of the work that is performed. The grease that is removed is properly disposed of in accordance with the laws of the city. Our customers include professional kitchens, restaurants, and manufacturing businesses, as well as other companies that have grease interceptors or grease traps. Although we are based in Phoenix, we provide service throughout Maricopa County.

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