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For many companies, information technology is a problem that they struggle with on a continual basis. It impacts their ability to operate, hinders expansion and is a major source of frustration when thing's don't work correctly. 

For many business owners, it is a complicated topic that isn't well understood but it is also instrumental to their business strategy. Today's IT department is more than just swapping out computers and fixing printers, it plays a role into sales, marketing, service delivery, operations and all of the traditional break fix work.

At the same time, many companies have tried hiring internally only to find skill set gaps and a major loss of ability when that employee decides to leave. They have also failed to have a 3rd party IT company come in and deliver a service that makes sense for their business. 

Best Managed Technology Systems is Lexcom's solution to solve the skill set gaps that most companies face as well as the service delivery issues that most managed service providers have. 
Many companies opt to hire an internal employee only to find that they have gaps in the skill sets to do everything they need, and struggle to meet the high expectations requested of them.
During this pandemic we can make the switch for your employees to work from home stress free!

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We will discuss your IT issues/concerns that we can fix. Here are some solutions we offer to the problem you or your employees may be facing during this pandemic:

Enabling employees to work from home
Solving connectivity/performance issues
Cutting cost
Ensuring security
Providing IT services remotley

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